Say Cheese!

Last week I merrily headed into the Disney Store to purchase a new notebook, so that I can start making notes of things we want to do and tips/ideas for our next trip.  I found my notebook, was robbed by my kids for various other things that they ‘needed’ and headed home.  Sadly, the notebook has been lamenting in the bag ever since I bought it as I managed to get tonsilitis and haven’t felt like doing much of anything for days.

I’m very pleased to say that I am feeling heaps better today and so I think it might be time to start making some notes in the aforementioned notebook!

One thing we are certain that we will want for our next trip is a PhotoPass.  We had a PhotoPass on our last trip and it was worth every penny.  It enabled us to have some lovely shots of all of us as a family, without one of us permanently being behind the camera.

The PhotoPass is very easy to use, you quite simply look for one of the many PhotoPass photographers dotted around the parks and ask them to take your photo.  After you have had your first photograph taken, the photographer will scan a small plastic card and hand it to you.  Keep hold of this card and then each time you have a photo taken, hand the card to the photographer, they will scan it and hand it back to you. All of your photographs will be loaded onto the same card so it is a good idea to take a photograph of the code on the back of your card just in case you lose it. If you leave your card in the hotel or villa one day it’s not a problem, simply ask for a new card next time you have a photo taken and then when you get home you can add the codes from both cards into your online account and all your photos will be there.

When you get home, log in to your PhotoPass account and you will be able to view and edit all of your photos, this includes being able to add characters, banners and borders to the pictures.

Disney have recently launched the PhotoPass Plus which enables you do add your ride photos plus any photos from character meals onto your PhotoPass account, rather than paying for them additionally.  For our next trip we will use the PhotoPass Plus.

All of the pictures added to this post are from our PhotoPass and hopefully they will give you an idea of some of the lovely shots available.

This last one is probably my favourite photo from our last trip, it was taken at Epcot Centre.  We had been at Typhoon Lagoon during the day and had then gone on to Epcot to see Illuminations. The photo was taken in the World Showcase while we were waiting for the fireworks to start.

You can find more info about the PhotoPass at

Do you have a favourite picture from your trips to Disney World?

Have you recently used the PhotoPass Plus and do you have any reviews of it?

See ya real soon!


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Married to the love of my life and mum to two beautiful children. Blogging about all sorts of stuff that makes me happy. A Formula One fan and a self confessed Disney Addict!
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4 Responses to Say Cheese!

  1. Shannon says:

    Thanks for the Photopass tip! I tend to spend a lot of time behind the camera when we go to the parks, which annoys some people. lol

    • Me too! Although recently it seems my husband is spending more time behind the camera than me. We were so pleased with our PhotoPass pics and it was very difficult to decide which ones to put into this blog because so many of them were lovely.

  2. Love, love, love Photopass!! You’ll see some of my photos used on my blog 🙂 I’ve already pre-ordered my Photopass cd for my trip in October, and I’ll be upgrading it to Photopass Plus when I arrive at my resort 🙂

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