How May I Help You? – Customer Services The Disney Way!

I had a few different ideas about what I was going to write for my latest blog post, but yesterday I was a victim of some awful Customer Service and I instantly thought ‘you wouldn’t get this in Walt Disney World’ and with it came the theme for this week’s post.

I took my children to join the summer reading scheme at our local library yesterday and as my daughter turns 10 just after the start of next term we enquired as to whether she could take part in the older reading scheme, for age 10 and up.  Now, I’m not bothered about the fact that she was told that she couldn’t take part but it was the way she was told no that upset me.

The woman at the counter said in the most stern (and loud – just to ensure everyone heard!) voice “Absolutely not!  There is no way she can do it.” Why she couldn’t simply have said in a nice voice to my child “I’m sorry but we’re not allowed to do that” I do not know, instead she embarrassed my daughter, myself and the two young girls who were volunteering to help run the reading scheme.

I know everyone has a bad day now and again but there really is no need to take it out on an almost 10-year-old who is asking a simple question!

It got me thinking about Disney.  On our first morning there we had a reservation for a character breakfast at Tusker House in Animal Kingdom.  We were staying in a villa off of Disney property and it was our first time driving in the States, so as you can imagine we got slightly lost and ended up being a little late.  As we made our way through Animal Kingdom to the restaurant I was expecting to be turned away for being late and I was busily thinking of what we could do as an alternative for breakfast.  We arrived at the check-in counter out of breath and rather hot and made our apologies for being late and waited to be turned away.  However, the Cast Member on the desk said “it doesn’t matter that you’re late, what matters is that you managed to get here!” and she then ushered us through to meet Donald Duck.

That little bit of kindness is what makes Disney the wonderful place that it is, all over Walt Disney World you will find Cast Members that add that little extra bit of magic to your holiday just by having good customer service skills.

For example, we were searching around World of Disney at Downtown Disney looking for a particular Phineas and Ferb toy that my son desperately wanted but we were having no luck finding it.  A Cast Member happened to overhear our conversation and asked what we were looking for, they pointed us in the direction of the Customer Services Desk and said that we should ask there if the toy was available.  We made our way over to the Desk and explained to the Cast Member what we were looking for.  20 minutes later he had managed to tell us exactly which stores in which park sold the particular toy we were looking for and also which store had the most stock of that toy.  The following day we visited the store he had told us about and found the elusive toy = one very happy little boy.

Now I am sure that there are many people who will happily tell you about the bad Customer Service they have received at Disney, but for the majority of us I’m sure it’s been the opposite.  A little bit of good Customer Service goes a long way and at Disney they know how to make that service add a little extra magic to your holiday – something that seems to be lacking in many other places these days……

Have you had a good or bad experience of Customer Service at Disney World?

See ya real soon!


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Married to the love of my life and mum to two beautiful children. Blogging about all sorts of stuff that makes me happy. A Formula One fan and a self confessed Disney Addict!
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1 Response to How May I Help You? – Customer Services The Disney Way!

  1. I sometimes think that because we expect such a high standard of customer service at WDW that we often only notice the service that doesn’t quite meet our needs. Unfortunately I have had to complain about the service I received from a manager at WDW but I will give Disney credit for dealing with my complaint in a very efficient manner.

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