Here come the girls……

Apologies for my lack of blogging recently, we have been away on holiday and then I had a mountain of washing and ironing to get through before the dreaded return to work!

I’m going to break with tradition and not write about Disney this week (well I might squeeze a mention in somewhere!) but I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you about the fantastic Kids Club from our holiday in Turkey.

This post is dedicated to Emma, Leigh-Ann and Katie.

When we booked this year’s summer holiday there were several things I was a little dubious about, fortunately I was proved wrong on almost all of them. One of my reservations was whether the kids club would be any good.

We are not a family that tends to use the kids clubs very often as holidays for us are about spending time together, however I chose a hotel that had a kids club in case the children got bored with being around the pool all day – this was going to be a very different holiday to last year.

The travel agent assured me that we had one of their kids clubs onsite and not a hotel run club and that it was fab and that kids would have a great time and never want to leave.  I had smiled at her enthusiastically while secretly thinking “yeah right, my two will be bored out of their brains in a kids club.”

On the first morning of our holiday I went along to the welcome meeting while Mark stayed by the pool to ‘look after the kids.’ (He actually meant ‘lay on my lounger and look up every 20 minutes or so to see if I can see them.’)  The holiday rep did her bit about the various excursions etc and then Kit-Kat Katie gave us her very excitable info about the kids club and how to book the kids in etc.  Katie was infectious with her enthusiasm and within 20 minutes I was up in reception with both kids booking them in for various activities the following day.

The next day we headed over to the club for our alloted time slot (each age group had its own time) where we met Exciting Emma who showed the kids where everything was and sent me on my way with a “see you later Mum!”  For the next two hours I anxiously sunbathed and checked the clock roughly every 6 minutes waiting for the time to pick them up.  I expected sad faces, tears and “don’t make me go again it was so boring,” but no I got “it was fab Mum, can we go tomorrow and can we go to the party the night after etc etc.”  With that, they were back in swimwear and in the pool.  I went back to my lounger feeling rather dejected and disappointed that they weren’t running into my arms.

The following day at 12 we headed to reception to sign up for the day after’s activities, we then rushed down for lunch and a quick change into dry clothes before they disappeared off to the kids club again – this time we met Loopy Leigh-Ann who was in charge of signing in.

And so our days continued in this pattern of signing up for tomorrow’s activities, change of clothes, lunch and that day’s activities.

The kids talked about nothing but Emma, Katie and Leigh-Ann and the antics they had got up to at kids club.  When they weren’t in the pool they were in the kids club and vice versa – we saw them for meal times and sleep and not a lot else!

We did a family sun splash cruise which was a day out on a boat – the kids club reps were on board too so needless to say we hardly saw the kids for the whole day. We came back with lots of new experiences and memories and two very sleepy children!

The girls took the time to get to know us as well as the children and made us feel like we had known them for years.  They ensured my kids had fun in the club everyday, made them feel special and earnt a place in my heart.  When I picked the kids up from their last sessions they were hugging the girls and swapping email addresses.  As Abby and I were walking back to our room she was in tears and I had a huge lump in my throat.

So to Emma, Katie and Leigh-Ann thank you!

And just to add a bit of Disney into this week’s post, I have heard that there is a type of kids club available if you are staying onsite but don’t know whether this is true or not?  Do you have any experience or recommendations of these clubs?

See ya real soon!



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