You’ve got a friend in me!

I love how Disney brings people together!  Through researching our last trip to Disney I found a great website and soon discovered their forums.  I tentatively added my first post and waited to see if anyone would reply, I had many replies to my post and soon found myself regularly posting questions.  It was after about a year of using this website that I saw the posts about the Mom’s Panel and I decided to apply (please check out my Mom’s Panel page if you haven’t already read it).  Through applying to the Mom’s Panel I got ‘talking’ to some lovely people who supported me through my application.

Two of those people are current members of the Mom’s Panel and if you have a Disney question you should go and check out the panel on the Walt Disney World site.  Emma N was there for me during and after my application to the Mom’s Panel, she was so supportive and had so much patience for me when I was second guessing myself and I really hope that one day I will get the opportunity to meet her in person (rather than via the web), so that I can say thank you.  The other wonderful lady was Kaylene, she replied to one of my Twitter posts and sent me love and pixie dust when my Mom’s Panel journey ended last year.  Kaylene is now a friend on Facebook (as is Emma) and she is one of the most positive, uplifting people I have had the chance to ‘meet.’  Find Kaylene at

Another lovely lady that I have found through Disney and Twitter is Emma G – you should check out her blog at  Emma and I share a love of Vinylmation and this is what got us talking (that and general Disney chat of course!)

Last week we headed up to London to meet up with about 20 other Disney fans that we had never met before and to say I was nervous was an understatement!  We had a great time and the conversation flowed as if we had known each other for years not minutes, it’s amazing how Disney can put a group of complete strangers in a room and have them talking like lifelong friends within minutes.

And so to this year’s Mom’s Panel application, I have found many new friends to share the journey with.  There is the lovely Tami who I talk to on Twitter, we are supporting each other through the application process even though we live on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean and I would dearly love to meet her in person in WDW in December.  Tami has a great blog at

I have found another great website full of people who have applied to the Panel this year and it is wonderful to be surrounded by so much support as we all go through the waiting game.

I think it is wonderful how Disney can get you talking to people who you may never have had the opportunity to get to know, and there is always room for more friends in my heart.

Do you have a story about how Disney has helped you to make a friend or friends?  Please share it below as I’d love to hear all about it.

Remember – you’ve got a friend in me x

See ya real soon!


About Family Heights

Married to the love of my life and mum to two beautiful children. Blogging about all sorts of stuff that makes me happy. A Formula One fan and a self confessed Disney Addict!
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3 Responses to You’ve got a friend in me!

  1. Yes, let’s see each other real soon! 😉 Does 2013 Disney Moms Panel training work for you?

    There’s a reason you came busting out of the gates and made Round 3 on your first try (by the way, I’ve NEVER heard of that happening before!) … I believe you are destined for Disney Greatness! Thanks for including me in your sweet post! We’ll keep in touch *o*

  2. Awww, thanks for the mention! The magic of Disney bringing us all together is truly amazing 🙂

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