The First of The Firsts!

Last weekend was Mark’s birthday and I used this opportunity to kick off the start of our ‘firsts.’

As it had been my twin brothers’ birthdays five days before Mark’s I decided to give them all the same gift – the opportunity to walk over the roof of the O2 in London.  Mark has wanted to do this for months and when he mentioned it to Abby she said that she wanted to do it too.  It was quite a hard decision for me to allow my 10-year-old to walk on the roof of a gigantic structure but I knew that Mark and my brothers would look after her as would the guide that was going up with them.

We met in Costa Coffee just outside the O2 on a very wet and cold Sunday morning.  None of them knew what they were about to do and we had gathered them under the pretext that we were celebrating Mark’s birthday.  Their reaction was brilliant when we told the four of them what they were doing and Abby was so excited!

They went over to ‘Base Camp’ where they had a briefing session about what they were about to do and then they were given their climbing suits, boots and harnesses.

Base Camp - Up At The O2

Base Camp

Next was a photo opportunity on the platform before they started to climb.  (One of my brothers declined the photo). 


Up At The O2

Getting ready to go up!

Slowly they made their way up the side of the roof.  Abby had a few issues with moving the harness along the wire but the guide was very patient and helped her.

Once the climbers disappeared out of view the rest of us on the ground slowly made our way through the O2 to spot where they would descend.

It took them roughly 1 hour 30 minutes to complete their climb and by the time they were back on terra firma they were all cold and wet but full of exhilaration!

After they had changed out of their climbing gear we headed off for our second ‘first’ of the day.  This was a first for the children and for my Mum who was with us.  We did a round trip on the Emirates Airline Cable Car that took us across the Thames and back again.  We got a great view of the Thames Barrier that was partially raised, the Docklands area and a plane that was landing at London City Airport.  The weather wasn’t great and the wind made the cable car rock a little – not something I enjoyed – but the children and my Mum loved it!

Emirates Airline London Cable Car

The last first of the day was for my Mum and Stepdad who enjoyed their first Wagamama’s dinner – yum!  After dinner we headed home for coffee, cake and presents, it was the perfect end to a great day.

So Mark, The Children, My Brothers, My Mum and Stepdad all achieved firsts but what about me?

I decided not to join them on the climb because Harry isn’t old enough to take part and I felt it would be unfair for the three of us to have experienced it and Harry be left out, maybe I will get to go up in a few years when Harry reaches 10.

I did have my own ‘first’ this week, not quite as exhilarating as the others but a first nonetheless.  As part of Mark’s birthday present I decided to make him some lemon curd as he loves the stuff.  I’ve never made it before and I found it quite simple but a little time-consuming to do and the end result was great – I think four slices of toast and lemon curd for his birthday breakfast was proof that Mark was pleased!

Well there were lots of firsts for us, but what about you?  What did you do this week for the first time?

See ya real soon!


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Married to the love of my life and mum to two beautiful children. Blogging about all sorts of stuff that makes me happy. A Formula One fan and a self confessed Disney Addict!
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