Magic Moments 11/4/2013

I’m a little late in joining up with Jaime over at for her Magic Moments linky, but hey I figure better late than never!

This week’s Magic Moment is from our first visit to Animal Kingdom as a family.  It was our first full day in Orlando, we had been for a character breakfast in the morning and had had a lovely day in the park.  We knew that the parade was due to start in a while so we grabbed a spot on a wall along the parade route and basked in the glorious Floridian sunshine.

A short while later we could hear the parade music as it wound its way through the park, at the same moment I happened to glance up at the sky and noticed how dark the clouds had got.  As the parade came into sight we felt the first few drops of rain and as it slowly made its way past us (although I think it went a little faster than normal on this day) the heavens opened and there was a deluge!  We were soaked through but thankfully it was still warm.

The pictures below show the rainy parade – look at the puddles behind the float in the bottom picture and all the sensible people in their ponchos.  I love Abby’s face in the photo to the right, this was taken immediately after the parade, jet lag had set in and she was not at all impressed that it had rained bless her!

Disney's Animal Kingdom, Magic Moments

Fun in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

This is my Magic Moment because the rain didn’t dampen our spirits (well maybe Abby’s!) The parade didn’t stop and everyone had fun in the rain.

What’s been your Magic Moment this week?

See ya real soon!


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2 Responses to Magic Moments 11/4/2013

  1. Jaime Oliver says:

    awww what a fab #magicmoment i have never seen a parade before let alone one there it looks amazing! i think i could handle the rain if i was waiting for that!

    Thanks for linking up honey 🙂

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