Magic Moments 17/4/13

I thought long and hard before posting this week’s Magic Moment as it feels so wrong to be talking about something happy after the tragic events in Boston, but if we don’t show what a happy place the world is then the heartless people who commit these crimes win.

My thoughts and prayers are with all those who were affected by Monday’s bombing x.

My Magic Moment for this week is Disney related and it happened last Saturday.  We decided it was finally time to tell the children about our secret.  We devised a treasure hunt that involved them solving clues that took us all over the local area.  Clue number 3 took us to Frankie and Bennie’s for some lunch and the waitress brought over clue number 4 with our drinks (the look on the children’s faces was priceless!)  Eventually the clues led us home again, where the kids thought that the hunt had finished.  They put all of their clues and treasure on the table to look at and while they weren’t looking we quickly added a final surprise clue.  The last clue told them to go upstairs and press play on the iPad.

We had asked some very good friends of ours if they could make a short video while they were in Florida, telling the kids that we were going back.  We were worried that the video wouldn’t have the desired impact, but we couldn’t have been more wrong if we tried!  I’ve added a link to the video below if you would like to see their reaction.

Treasure hunt goodies

The clues and goodies from the treasure hunt


Here is a link to the video

As always, a big thank you to Jaime at for organising this linky.

What has been your Magic Moment this week?  I’d love to hear all about it.

See ya real soon!


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Married to the love of my life and mum to two beautiful children. Blogging about all sorts of stuff that makes me happy. A Formula One fan and a self confessed Disney Addict!
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6 Responses to Magic Moments 17/4/13

  1. Jaime Oliver says:

    YAY!! i absolutely love the reaction on the video! that is certainly a #magicmoment! x

  2. Annie says:

    That was priceless! What a brilliant reaction, I’m in tears (again!). They’re are very lucky kids & you will all have yet another amazing holiday xx

  3. judithkingston says:

    The magic begins the moment you tell them! Haha, that was wonderful! Very jealous, I can’t wait to take my kids to disney world, but they’re a bit young still and we’re a bit broke still… Anyway, our aim is 2018.

    • Hi, thank you for your lovely comments. I know where you’re coming from with the broke feeling, I’m not sure that ever goes away once you become a parent ha ha. We had to save really hard for this holiday as trips to Disney don’t come cheap, but it is well worth it. Good luck with reaching your aim of 2018, I’m sure you will get there x

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