Money, Money, Money

When I started this blog I said that it was going to be about how we are saving hard for our forthcoming trip, as well as planning for it.  I have realised that I haven’t been updating you about our savings, so I thought that I would add a separate page rather than add various posts.

So far we have saved enough money to pay for the accommodation and park tickets – we don’t need to worry about saving for food as we will be using the Disney Dining Plan.  I am aware that we will need money for tips and will budget for these in our spending money.

The kids have been having a clear out and have been selling some of their old toys and their money boxes are filling up nicely.  There is a problem with this though!  Money in money boxes burns holes and the children are constantly coming up with ideas of what they can spend their money on, because this trip is a secret we haven’t told them what to save for and it is becoming increasingly difficult to stop them from spending all their savings.
We have two sealed pots and everytime we get a £2 coin it goes in the pot, as does any lose change that we have.  I have also sold some bits and pieces that we no longer need and the money from those sales has gone into the pots too.  One pot is completely full and the other is about 3/4 full – I can’t wait to open these and see how much we have managed to save!

We have booked our flights!  We got a great deal and although it means flying indirect we got four flights for less than £2k! We are really happy with this price and are not bothered about flying indirect as we did this last year and found it much better to arrive in Orlando having already gone through immigration, as the queues in Orlando can be horrendous.

So the savings pot got hit quite hard, but we’re already back up to having just under half the cost of the accommodation and park tickets saved – now to save the rest!

I’ll update this page as we go along and once we know our plans and budget for definite.


2 Responses to Money, Money, Money

  1. Great post on your savings plan Sam! I really need to put something like this in place to kick start our vacation savings account. I plan on having a yard sale this spring as the kids really don’t need all the toys and what not that they have accumulated. Good for your on the cost of the air fare! I have always avoided flying with a stop over, but it makes sense if you are coming from the UK. I look forward to hearing more about your planning as it gets closer and to see if the kids will figure it out, LOL.


    • Thanks Suz, it’s not been too tough to ensure we save a certain amount each month and we have decided that it’s something we are going to continue with after our trip.

      We really didn’t mind the stopover especially as it meant we didn’t have to stand in the long immigration queues at MCO!

      They haven’t guessed yet and we have a great way of telling them all lined up and ready to go, the big decision now is when to tell them?! (I don’t make life easy for myself do I ha ha)

      As soon as we have told them I will post it on here and hopefully a video of their reaction too!


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