Magic Moments 11/4/2013

I’m a little late in joining up with Jaime over at for her Magic Moments linky, but hey I figure better late than never!

This week’s Magic Moment is from our first visit to Animal Kingdom as a family.  It was our first full day in Orlando, we had been for a character breakfast in the morning and had had a lovely day in the park.  We knew that the parade was due to start in a while so we grabbed a spot on a wall along the parade route and basked in the glorious Floridian sunshine.

A short while later we could hear the parade music as it wound its way through the park, at the same moment I happened to glance up at the sky and noticed how dark the clouds had got.  As the parade came into sight we felt the first few drops of rain and as it slowly made its way past us (although I think it went a little faster than normal on this day) the heavens opened and there was a deluge!  We were soaked through but thankfully it was still warm.

The pictures below show the rainy parade – look at the puddles behind the float in the bottom picture and all the sensible people in their ponchos.  I love Abby’s face in the photo to the right, this was taken immediately after the parade, jet lag had set in and she was not at all impressed that it had rained bless her!

Disney's Animal Kingdom, Magic Moments

Fun in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

This is my Magic Moment because the rain didn’t dampen our spirits (well maybe Abby’s!) The parade didn’t stop and everyone had fun in the rain.

What’s been your Magic Moment this week?

See ya real soon!

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Magic Moments – 25/3/2013

I’m linking up with the lovely Jaime over at for her Magic Moments Linky.

I’ve been thinking about what magic moment to use for this and I have decided that it will have to be Disney related (of course!)

So here is my Magic Moment for this week – Meeting Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen.

Princess and the frog

We met them in the Magic Kingdom while we were attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, hence the rather odd outfits the children are wearing!

We stumbled upon them purely by chance and it was one of the most wonderful character encounters we had during our holiday.

Tiana and Naveen spent so much time with the children, asking them about their holiday and their favourite rides it was lovely and we weren’t rushed at all, during the whole encounter the PhotoPass photographer was snapping away and we got some wonderful pictures.

Tiana asked Abby if she had ever kissed a frog, to which Abby replied no and pulled a face, this upset Naveen as he had been a frog so he told Abby that she had to kiss every frog she saw from now on as they may be her prince!

Naveen wanted to know all about England so he was asking them lots of questions about where they lived.  In this picture Prince Naveen is telling Princess Tiana that everyone England says ‘mushy peas’ but he pronounced it as ‘mooshy peas!’  The children thought this was hilarious and told him that mushy peas were disgusting.  When the four of them turned round for their proper photo Prince Naveen made them all shout ‘mooshy peas’ and it became our motto for all photos for the remainder of our holiday!

I’d love to hear about your favourite character encounter.

See ya real soon!



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Bucket List Bonus! See the Chocolate Easter Eggs at the Grand Floridian

Check out these beautiful Disney Easter Eggs that a fellow Disney Blogger has shared with us.

My Magic 100

Hello, friends! This item is nowhere to be found on my Disney Bucket List, but I couldn’t resist sharing the beauty of these AMAZING Chocolate Easter Egg Creations by the chefs at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort. I thought those who aren’t able to make it to Disney World during this time of year might enjoy having a chance to see them.

The Eggs made their public debut last year, so I didn’t know they existed when I created my Bucket List. Had I known, this would have made the List for sure. Instead, maybe you can put it on YOUR Disney Bucket List :).

Now remember… every single part of each of these displays is made ENTIRELY of chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, and icing. Enjoy!

Grand Floridian Easter Eggs (29)
Grand Floridian Easter Eggs (61)
Grand Floridian Easter Eggs (70)
Grand Floridian Easter Eggs (78)
Grand Floridian Easter Eggs (82)
Grand Floridian Easter Eggs (40)
Grand Floridian Easter Eggs (81)
Grand Floridian Easter Eggs (79)
Grand Floridian Easter Eggs (76)
Grand Floridian Easter Eggs (75)
Grand Floridian Easter Eggs (74)
Grand Floridian Easter Eggs (65)
Grand Floridian Easter Eggs (68)
Grand Floridian Easter Eggs (64)
Grand Floridian Easter Eggs (53)
Grand Floridian Easter Eggs (54)
Grand Floridian Easter Eggs (6)
Grand Floridian Easter Eggs (36)
Grand Floridian Easter Eggs (11)
Grand Floridian Easter Eggs (35)
Grand Floridian Easter Eggs (33)
Grand Floridian Easter Eggs (26)
Grand Floridian Easter Eggs (22)
Grand Floridian Easter Eggs (16)
Grand Floridian Easter Eggs (18)
Grand Floridian Easter Eggs (20)
Grand Floridian Easter Eggs (13)
Grand Floridian Easter Eggs (8)
Grand Floridian Easter Eggs (5)
Grand Floridian Easter Eggs (2)
Grand Floridian Easter Eggs (48)

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Then, I started blogging. It was the accumulation of all of my dreams come true.

This is one of the most inspirational blogs I have ever read. Please vote for Lesley to help her win this amazing competition.

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Silent Sunday – 24/3/13


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The Happiness List

I’ve been grumpy this week, several things have either taken five times longer than I wanted them to or simply haven’t happened at all.  The words for my blog haven’t flowed and after spending an hour today trying to write a post I deleted the whole thing and headed off on the school run feeling very frustrated.

While I was walking to school in the gale force winds and arctic temperatures I pondered on all the things that have wound me up during the week.  It didn’t take me long to realise that most, if not all, of these issues were fairly superficial and could probably be overcome with a little patience and perseverance.

I decided that enough was enough and it was time to pull myself out of this bad mood and focus on the positive.

Disney's Magic Kingdom

This led me to think about what makes me feel happy and I came up with the following;

My Happiness List (In no particular order)

  • Listening to my children laughing and having fun.
  • Reading a good book.
  • Having a vase of fresh flowers somewhere in the house.
  • Watching Disney movies (especially Tangled!)
  • Planning holidays to Walt Disney World.
  • Doing something nice for somebody else.
  • Talking to my friends.
  • Helping at my children’s school.
  • Being surprised with breakfast in bed.
  • Having cuddles with my children.

What makes you happy?

See ya real soon!

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A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes – The BiBs 2013

I started writing this blog almost a year ago as a way for me to share the excitement of our upcoming holiday to Walt Disney World.  Since those early days it has become a lot more than just a journal.

I enjoy writing and my blog has become my creative outlet.  My blog isn’t all singing all dancing and I don’t have hundreds of followers (I wish!) but I love it all the same.

I have become friends with a lot of people since my blogging journey started, most of whom I have only talked to via various forums, Twitter and Facebook, however they have become a huge source of support for me and have answered my numerous daft questions about blogging!

In the future I would love to see my blog grow and become more prominent in the blogging community and it is for this reason I am going to unashamedly ask for your help!


The Brilliance In Blogging (BiBs) 2013 Nominations have recently opened and I would be absolutely delighted if you would consider nominating me.  There are several categories and I would be truly grateful to be nominated in any of them, but the ones I would love to get a vote in are Lifestyle, Family, Travel or Fresh Voice. If you would like to vote please click on the logo above.

I don’t expect to win in any category but even one nomination would make my year!

Thank you so much for reading.

See ya real soon!


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To Infinity and Beyond – A Visit to the National Space Centre

During half term we decided to take the children to the National Space Centre in Leicester.  It took about 2 and a half hours to get there by car, but it was a fairly uneventful journey with only a couple of ‘are we there yets?’ (thank goodness for Apple products!)

We arrived just before 11 am, found a parking space and then scrabbled around for £2 to pay the parking fee.  Typically, we didn’t have £2 so Mark headed into the centre to get some change while I waited in the car with two fidgety children.  After the longest 10 minutes ever Mark called me to say that we could add the parking fee when we paid to enter the centre, so we locked up the car and headed over to meet him.

National Space Centre

Once inside we joined the inevitable queue (oh the joys!) but after standing in the queue for  5 minutes we discovered that this was the queue to join another queue to pay (I’m not kidding!)  It was at this point I accepted the blame for not pre-booking, I hadn’t pre-booked as we weren’t 100% sure Mark would be able to get a day off work so it wasn’t really my fault.  It was also at this point that I said to Mark ‘they could learn a lot from Disney.’

Roughly 20 minutes later we made it to the front of the queue and parted company with £50 (£48 entrance fees – no family ticket discount – and £2 parking fee).  We were asked if we knew what gift aid was and would we like to ‘gift aid’, we said yes and were then rewarded with free annual passes.  I thought this was a bit of an odd way of doing things but hey ho!  Our server gave us our tickets and said if we were still here at 4pm we might like to check out their We Are Aliens show (remember this for later dear readers).

Finally we were through the turnstiles and in to the centre.

There are six areas inside – The Rocket Tower, Exploring The Universe, Planets, Orbiting Earth, Space Now and Tranquility Base, plus the Planetarium.

The children chose to go to Tranquility Base first.  There are several ‘tasks’ to complete which get you ready to become an astronaut.  The first task was to have your photo taken ‘jumping on the moon’ whereby basically you lay on a small trolley on wheels and use your feet to push you onto a ‘green screen’ platform.  This wasn’t working.  Next up was a game that involved you working with other trainee astronauts to keep the space station working, I don’t think the children fully understood what was happening and there were no members of staff on hand to help.  Then came an area with two arcade games that weren’t working.  There were a couple of other tasks that I can’t really remember but the children said they weren’t working properly.  The next task was to sit in a chair that uses compressed air (at least I think that’s how it worked!) to hover around a platform and move a small laser dot.  The instructions for this were not particularly clear and yet again there were no staff on hand to help – needless to say there were lots of disappointed children who couldn’t make it work properly.  Finally in this area there was a simulator ride.

We joined the short queue behind a small group of school children (not all schools have half term at the same time).  Approximately five minutes later a teacher appeared and added another 11 children to the group – for those of you who have experienced the  Brazilian tour groups in Disney you will understand  how frustrated we were by this!  45 minutes later we finally got to the front of the queue and as the door opened a delightful family behind us let four of their children push in to the room ahead of us.  Now the ride only seats 13 at a time and myself and the mother behind me did not take the pushing in incident well, we both spoke to the member of staff on the door who removed the children and let us through.

Once inside we had a six-minute ‘briefing’ session from an astronaut on the screen but sadly the sound was not in time with the picture which made it rather odd to watch.  At the end of the film the member of staff re-appeared and told us that the school group had decided not to ride, so there would be a delay while they reset it.  After almost an hour we made it on to the simulator for our six-minute ‘ride.’  It was a little bumpy and I had a lovely bruise on my hip afterwards but the children thought it was ‘awesome’ and that’s all that matters.

I do think that the queue for this ride would have moved a lot faster had the one member  of staff looking after it not kept disappearing to the front of the area once each briefing had started, which meant that there was a delay after each showing while another member of staff went to fetch her.

National Space Centre

Next we moved onto Exploring the Universe where the children got to sit in a shuttle.  We also watched a short film of a shuttle taking off and we were able to walk round a mock-up of a space station.  The children declared that having to use the toilet in space looked gross!  In this area there were little spacesuits that the under 5s could wear and there were lots of dinky spacemen running around looking very cute.

We then headed to the Rocket Tower which was our favourite part of the centre.  The children enjoyed learning about the Apollo Moon Landing and there were some fun things in this area such as the mock-up of a sitting room of a typical house at the time of the landing.  We also learned about animals being sent in to space and saw the huge rockets on display.  There was an activity in this area that the children really wanted to try where they could pretend they were either in the control room or in the shuttle on take off, but sadly this was broken when we were there.

National Space Centre

We skipped over The Planets, Orbiting Earth and Space Now quite quickly for a number of reasons;  we had caught up with the school group who were just running around like lunatics and shoving into people which made it rather unpleasant, there weren’t very many hands-on activities and the majority of activities that were in these areas were broken or not working.

The children decided they wanted to take part in a junk-modelling activity so we took this opportunity to sit down and have a drink and snack.  As we were near the planetarium we decided that now would be a good time to watch the show We are Aliens, however there were no times displayed anywhere and not a member of staff to be seen.  In the end, Mark ended up going back to the entrance desks to ask about times where he was told that our ‘slot’ was at 4pm.  (Do you remember that from the beginning of our day?  I don’t think it was made very clear that we could only see the show at this time.)

National Space CentreNational Space Centre

We took our junk models and headed into the Planetarium.  We enjoyed the film but I must admit tiredness had started to wash over me so I might have closed my eyes for a few minutes!

After the show we decided it was time to head home.  A quick pit stop at the (filthy) toilets and a look around the gift shop and we were on our way.

Would I go back and use my annual pass?  No.  There were not enough staff monitoring the centre (I counted 5 members of staff all day), the majority of activities weren’t working and I just feel that there are better attractions out there.

Did the children enjoy it?  Yes but they were frustrated with the number of things that weren’t working.

The Easter holidays are  fast approaching, do you have any recommendations of where we can go with the children?

See ya real soon!

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Silent Sunday – Man of The Match


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Silent Sunday – Girls and Boys






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